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>> Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello and welcome to the FYI Corner. This week sure has been a busy one for me. I received a full time job offer which I accepted. Its a great opportunity for me to work in the non-profit sector and for those of you that know me, you know this is important to me.

I got an 91% on my essay test which was a relief. Being so close to my bachelor degree I don't often have to take tests anymore because the work is mostly papers and projects. My teacher gave me an extra 2 points for always participating in class. This shouldn't surprise anyone but I try to talk in her class because not everyone does and I hate that uncomfortable silence that happens when nobody will talk.

I made a run to Rite Aid and picked up a few things to even out my rebates. I have over $50 in rebates, 2 cosmetic bags w/coupons, and 2 P&G $10 each gift cards coming from there. If you are able to get to a rite aid, shop the rebates and sales. They do not accept Internet coupons but you can stack manufacture and in store ads along with the great rebates. No sale then don't shop there it is expensive.

Made my final run to CVS and was able to get 4 Schick refill packs, 2 Schick razors and used $4 off coupon on each refill, $2 off on each razor, a couple of the $2 off coupons, some ecb's and these were also bogo so the out of pocket was less then $4 for over $65 worth of product. Not bad but had to make a few runs for these because they went fast. I also got a $10/$50 coupon print out with is great because it doesn't take long to get to that.

I don't think I am going to make the Walgreen's double up days. I must admit I didn't see anything spectacular and the 5/20 coupon really isn't that big of a deal because the very fine print says that you have to have $20 after the coupons. If you plan on spending that much then its a deal but I almost never spend that with coupons.

Since my daughter moved home I have become a nurse again. Anyone ever notice this about your kids? You are supposed to have all the answers. I doctored her up. I can see why women are midwives.

I am getting excited about our Florida trip so I will fill everyone in as the trip gets closer.

CVS...there seems to be some pretty good deals coming up this coming week. If you need razors then this is the sale for you. Fusion razor coupons and sale match up. My husband loves these. I will post the sale items by Sunday.

Oh the last thing is about television shows. Now I go to school almost every night of the week so I don't get a chance to watch much which is why I love the Internet sites. Tonight I watched two episodes of Hero's and they were freaky but good. I watched How I met your mother, which was cute as always. I watched Worst week on CBS...Please watch this pilot sitcom!! I laughed so hard and my whole family was sleeping so I tried to keep it down but I couldn't. It is so hilarious. then I watched Gary Unmarried on ABC which was OK. There was nothing but president debates on and I can't watch one more of those.

Alright then I am off to bed to hopefully sleep and not wake up at 3 or 4 am like I have been doing.


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