CVS & ECB's 101

>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are you using your extra care bucks from CVS efficiently? When you are first starting out in the world of CVS it can be exciting when those ecb's print out at the end of the receipt. Free stuff is what you are thinking and the giddy excitement sets in but if you aren't using them efficiently you are not getting as much out of the deals as you should.

I know all of you study the cvs weekly ad and get your coupons ready before you set off to score a good deal but consider making several transactions to efficiently use your ecb's and pay less out of pocket.

If you already have some ecb's to start with you are going to want to take a look at the items you are purchasing that day. What can I purchase that will use my ecb's, and kick me out some more using the least amount of money as possible? Examples (this is a made up scenario).

Transaction #1

You have $11 in ecb's.

In this purchase you are going to buy a brand name makeup remover for $11.99 and you will get $11.99 in ecb's back after the purchase.

Use your $11 ecb and pay the remainder + tax. (a minor amount to pay)

Transaction #2

Next you need a toothbrush for 2.00

a shampoo for 3.00 but you get $2.00 ecb's back

4 cases of soda pop for $11 but you get $5 in ecb's back

Your total purchase is $16 - $3 in coupons = $13 - 11.99 ecb from previous purchase = 1.01 plus tax out of pocket.

And you have $7 in ECB's towards next purchase.

If you had not used two transaction you would have had a total of $27.99 - $11 ecb you had at the start - the #3 coupons you had = out of pocket $10.99 ECB's for next towards next purchase is $16.99. My goal each week is to spend as little at a time as I can so my budget is intact.

Now you say is it worth the the trouble of two transactions? I say yes. And don't let the cashiers bother you. Most are very nice and never have a problem with an extra transaction. Or if it makes you more comfortable go to another CVS there seems to be one on every corner.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone more then they already were. Leave me a comment if you have a question or a better way of using your ECB's.


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