Coupons Inserts for 9/21/08

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008

There should be two inserts this weekend. A Red plum and a Smart source. Go to taylortown coupon review to get a list of the coupons. There are a lot of Air wick air freshener coupons. If you bought the Glade at Walgreen's remember to log in at Walgreen' to sign up for your rebates. There has been a lot of Scrubbing bubbles on sale lately and this weeks coupons will offer a rebate for the new Scrubbing Bubble action scrubbers as well as lots of coupons and other rebates on the Scrubbing Bubbles line of products. Glad I keep my receipts.

There are several L'Oreal coupons for cleansers and such which will go with the special deals being offered at Walgreen's the week after next. I know CVS has a L'Oreal deal this week and Rite aid has a rebate deal on several as well.

Remember whenever possible match a coupon to a rebate, ECB or Register Rewards to get the most from your money.

There will be great deals coming out next weekend with the cross over to October rebates. So keep a look out for the week after next and don't get antsy with your coupons just yet...the beginning of the month deals are closing in on us.

October? Can it really be? Time goes way to fast.

My Stockpiling has really paid off for the previous months. Here are the totals for this month so far:

Totals $620.58
Total Savings $423.85
Out of pocket $193.98

This doesn't count my rebate savings, I haven't gotten that far this month yet.

Do you keep track of your monthly spending? I use my own excel spread sheet. I count my food expenses, beauty products, toiletry items. I don't count clothing, dog food and other such expenses because that is another type of fund. Overall I have done remarkably well for what I have accomplished so far in the past 3 months. Still learning though.


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