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>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At the bottom of my blog page is the count down to Christmas. I know people are just coming out of summer but it never hurts to get a jump on the Christmas expense. I truly feel that gifts you put thought into are always better then then a gift card however I know you can't do that for everyone.

In my family we draw names to cut down on cost and people like those gift cards or special thing they have been wanting to get for awhile and that is OK. However, consider the people who you never know what to give and think about something homemade. How about your grandparents, special aunt or friend what is on the list for them?

This year how about making a small photo album for them? There are lots of ways you can do this even if you are not crafty. My friend, Gale made this small photo album of her mother last year in the parade. She used the same theme throughout the entire album and added the pictures of her mom in the Christmas parade. You can do this pretty easily and any scrapping shop would love to help you.

If you are not crafty consider looking at the photo section in the weekly drugstore ads. They have photo books they can put together and it is not that expensive.

Consider using themes of Christmas pasts, grand kids through the years, favorite vacations or funny times for grandparents.

Young children love to see pictures of themselves when they were babies. Make your kids a small album to look at and show their friends. They will cherish it as they get older. If the child is really young try using a harder style album that can take a little wear and tear.

Do you have an idea that I could share with everyone? Please leave me a comment on something you did in the past, or would like to try in the future.


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